Lampedusa(2005), Melilla and Oujda (2006), Patras (2009),  Calais (2011) the story does not change.

In Sicily, illegal immigrants from the Maghreb countries among tourists landing on vacation annoyed actually able to live in the 20 square km island without ever meeting. Crammed in the center of first asylum a real island prison where human rights are optional.

Spanish enclave in Africa, in Melilla and Ceuta, migrants arriving from all countries in black Africa. They travel on foot through the bush and the desert and remain hidden for years in the forests of Morocco, waiting to "get over the network." Pursued by soldiers, subjected to every kind of violence, many do not make it. And then again for Mauritania to embark for the Islands, but here too are now closed door.

In Patras 500 Afghans literally hiding in the "forest" as they call it, a large olive grove on the eastern outskirts of the city, hunted by the police and waiting to escape under a truck stuck on to Italy. Every two or three days the police at dawn presents "field underground", a series of small settlements consisting of seven or eight children, scattered around the olive grove. Destroys sheeting and cardboard shacks improvised, arrested four or five Afghans fleeing the "forest" and leaves.

Calais is the last trip, for the youngs people Afganist and African, the last long travel towards the which dreams, the obstacle fot the new life. This name is the UK.

Morocco did not spend more because there are soldiers who shoot. Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are completely blocked by the Spanish police. From Libya to Italy too, do not pass more. Became too dangerous, because if they find threatening to sink the boat and you have to go back.

The refugees from around the world are seeking a new way to enter Europe, the roads to reach the border between Turkey and Greece, and 'the new eldorado for people fleeing war, famine and poverty in search of Europe, these are the disparate, welcome and “unWelcome”.

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